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🔎 About:

Clerky - builds software to make legal paperwork easier for startups and their attorneys. From formation to fundraising to hiring - everything a startup needs. Thousands of top startups use Clerky to get legal paperwork done safely and efficiently.

🧬 Deal details:

  1. 20% discount for Company Lifetime Package. It covers all Formation products, and unlimited use of our Fundraising, Hiring, Maintenance, and Commercial products for the company's lifetime (excluding third-party fees other than for incorporation).
  2. $5,000 AWS credit and other valuable deals
  3. Open a fee-free bank account
  4. Minimum 50% off first 409A valuation
  5. VIP support and personalized help finding a startup attorney

🔑 How to activate a deal:

  1. Fill in the application provided after payment.

⚖️ Eligibility requirements for startups:

No special requirements :)