Notion: $6,000 free credits

🔎 About:

Notion - is a note-taking software platform designed to help members of companies or organizations manage their knowledge for greater efficiency and productivity.

🧬 Deal details:

  1. Companies can redeem the $6000 credit by providing our key in the application form (https://www.notion.so/startups (Key: STARTUP4110P61399)).

Here’s a short explanation of what is $6000 in Notion credit worth:

Notion’s Team Plan normally costs $10 per member per month paid monthly. So, for a team of 10, $1000 in credit represents 10 months of free Notion. For a team of 10, $500 in credit represents 5 months free Notion, and so on.Paralect is welcomed to use Notion logo and the included copy below to share with our portfolio companies.

🔑 How to activate a deal:

  1. To redeem the $6000 credit towards a Team or Enterprise Plan, submit an application from the link provided after payment and include partner key, STARTUP4110P61399.
  2. The Notion Startup Team will apply your credit within 1-2 business days and follow up with a confirmation email.

⚖️ Eligibility requirements for startups:

  • No special requirements :)